Good Job…Now What?

At some point in time, you are going to run into a situation that does not often happen…you will hear the words “Good job!”.  While I know this does not happen a lot, you should be fully prepared for hearing it at some point.  When things are going right in terms of testing, one of the most important things you can do is remember that your job isn’t done, and that you need to ensure you don’t fall off the pace. It is incredibly easy to fall into a trap where you expect every test track to go as smooth every time, but overall, you should expect that it will not.

It is a rare thing thing when a test plan comes together and goes right. Sure, you can plan ahead, and try to account for every contingency, but if you are honest about it, you will see that in most cases you get bit by the unknown. Don’t get fooled into thinking that the good fortune you have this time will continue…you will have to approach every run as if it could go horribly wrong. When we approach things in this manner, it forces us to be better prepared for those things that might pop up, no matter how crazy they might seem.

For every test plan that goes well, you will have multiple ones that go badly, and/or wildly different from the plan you had in mind. It is in these, that we get the opportunity to improve every future test plan and run.  When you run into a situation where things did not go as expected, be sure to make a note, and document it.  Ideally, you can put the appropriate measures in place so as to avoid that scenario in the future.  I know this might sound simply, and like common sense, but you would be surprised at how often the  same mistakes get repeated time and time again.


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