IBM iSeries & RPG Automation Using Selenium

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8 thoughts on “IBM iSeries & RPG Automation Using Selenium

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  2. Suresh Balakrishnan.

    Hi JON,

    I’ve gone through your post and we came to know that you were used Plugin for the IBM iSeries that would allow to use selenium. Please tell us the Plugin name. because We also trying to do automation testing for iSeries using Selenium. However we couldn’t find any solution/Plugin because Selenium is intended only for Browser based web applications. Is there any way to automate iSeries using TN5250 emulator both on Java and Ruby side to integrate mainframe automation into existing web automation framework using Selenium? Please help us to solve this.

    Thanks in advance,
    Suresh Balakrishnan

    1. The plugin we used replicated the emulator in a browser, which was the able to be automated via Selenium (or any Web Driver-based automation tool). IBM iAccess for Web is what we used to accomplish this. As this was from IBM, it worked pretty good, and everything was working pretty much right away after installation.

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  4. Priyanka Chopra

    Hi Jon,

    Is IBM iAccess a paid tool or open source. Could you help me more on this as we are aiming to automate the iSeries application for one of our client.

    1. From everything I can find, it is included as part of the IBM iSeries software license. You can find more details via this page.


      Hope that helps!

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