Building Your A-Team

In the past few months, I’ve gone through how to determine your automation strategy, we’ve talked through what all automation would get you, and followed that up with a post aimed at helping you determine whether it was worth doing, and now we should talk about how to make sure you have the right team in place.  As you can tell from the title, the A-Team is an apt analogy for how you want to build out your team.


This is typically your leader, and the guy that has the vision and chops to put your automation strategy together, and to direct the others towards this goal.


This is usually your rockstar on the team, and will occasionally be the same person as your leader due to the nature of what they are doing.  This is the guy that will lead the charge on implementing your automation vision at an architectural level.

B. A.

The guy that does all the dirty work.  Very capable of doing the heavy lifting, but not quite capable of determining architectural needs.  Will lead the charge on building everything out though.

Howling Mad

Uber-talented, but has something holding him back from getting to the next level.  When he is on, there is no limit to what they can build.

Of course, there are other supporting characters along the way, but each team should end up with a similar structure to this.  Regardless of the direction you are heading with your strategy, you will need these guys to get it implemented.  You might only have one or two people, but you should be able to assign these traits to them, and if you can’t, you will find it difficult to execute your vision.

One last thing to think about…once you do have your team in place, give them your strategy and vision, and then get out of their way.  You hired them to execute this for you, so the worst thing you can do is handcuff them by micro-managing every aspect.  They might not get it done in the way you thought or expected it should be done, but if you hired the right people, chances are they will get it right.


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