How To Spot A Software Testing Train Wreck?

How To Spot A Software Testing Train Wreck? has served as the poster boy for the potential dangers awaiting those who go down this path. As CIO contributor Matthew Heusser noted, agile-focused terms such as “sprints” was thrown around a lot during development, creating the illusion that the various project teams were adhering to that overarching methodology. However, it has come to light that testing was handled in a waterfall fashion, tacked on at the end of the production cycle and given little time for completion. Such compromises should raise red flags within any QA team

Sadly, this is a bigger issue than just with  A lot of companies tend to do this same thing, and it leads to a lot of the same problems and challenges.  Just because you have sprints, and do daily standups, it doesn’t mean that you are Agile.  There is a lot more that goes into it, and it is time we start acknowledging that.


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