Why do companies fail with agile?

Why do companies fail with agile?

That’s the trouble with any new and popular development; after some early success, eager converts begin to drizzle on the superlatives and hyperbole. This gets managers and executives believing that agile can be their silver bullet and eliminate all the challenges facing them in today’s highly competitive market.

This is 100% true.  Agile is not a silver bullet, and it was never intended to be.  If you go in expecting it to solve all of your development/quality problems, it will most certainly fail.


2 thoughts on “Why do companies fail with agile?

  1. Jim Hazen

    The main reason I see Agile failing in companies/projects is that people do not understand that it is light on “process” but rather it needs to be heavy on “people”. Meaning the use of the “team” model (the team is the project/process and no individual stars) where everyone starts at the same time and place, and then finish at the same time and place while at different stages different people and their roles need to step up to lead.

    This forces collaboration and communication between all team members, and a sense of group to meet an end goal. As part of that people on the team need to “buy-in” or “opt out” of what is going on for the project and the team as a whole. Buy-in means you support what is going on and will work to achieve that objective, opt out means you don’t agree with the decision but will work to the best of your ability to help the team to succeed. And if things do go sideways you will not point fingers and say I told you so. Part of opting out is saying your peace and then moving forward.

    Agile to me is just a Sprial/Iterative model on steroids, but from the Spiral/Iterative models like RUP & MSF you can use the Team model principles to make your agile “team” better, stronger and highly collaborative. Software is created by people and teams of people, so if a team acts and works as a collaborative entity they have a better chance of success.

    That’s my opinion.

    1. I couldn’t agree more…people are by far the most important resource for any company. It’s funny, because my current employer just had a leadership meeting this morning, and this was the exact topic we went over…

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