The QA Mindset – Rands in Repose

The QA Mindset – Rands in Repose.

“You are sensing rage in my answer because I’ve spent a career surrounded by well intentioned humans who believed that it was QA’s job to file bugs, and the fact is that quality is a feature, so like it or not, everyone is in the QA department.”

Absolutely love this article.  I had thrown it in my Instapaper backlog, but didn’t get to it until late last week while traveling.  Everything about the article should be must-read material for all members of an software organization.  Above everything else, we are in this together, and quality should be our #1 priority.  Even if you aren’t in the QA department, but you find a problem, treat it as if you ARE in the QA department, and the same goes when you stumble across something from an area that is not your primary responsibility.


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