Why I Stand

Even for the active, a long sit shortens life and erodes health – LA Times.

IMG_0660At my office, I am an oddity.  I like to stand while working, and have been fortunate to have been introduced to the practice in former roles.  I realized very early on that I felt better when standing, and that it did a good job of keeping the blood pumping throughout the day.  When people come in my office and see my workstation, I get more than a few laughs, and trying to explain why I do it elicits strange looks and disbelief, so I decided that maybe I should do a blog post I could point them to that has more information about this practice.


Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks – Smithsonian.com

I am not sure when the practice started, but it really started picking up a lot of steam around 2010/2011, and it was the “in” thing to be talking about and doing.  I got lucky that I worked at a few places that approved of the practice, and would even finance getting a standing desk set up to use.  One of those companies, Scripps Networks Interactive in Knoxville, even started a pilot program to replace your actual desk surface with a version that could be turned into a standing desk.

7 Amazing Benefits of A Standing Desk That Make You Want One Now

I resisted the urge to jump into the standing desk “fad” for a long time, as I was convinced that is really was just a fad.  It wasn’t until I started doing some research that I found that there may just be something to it, and that maybe I should give it a try.  The benefits were noticeable almost immediately.  After a short break-in period, I realized that I had more energy throughout the day, and that the back problems I was so used to were slowly dissipating.  I was able to go to sleep easier, and also sleep all the way through the night.  For me, it was something that had a very real impact on my quality of life.  I’ve always been someone who thought better while up and moving around (just ask my wife about my pacing while on phone calls), so this has been a boon for my creativity and ability to focus.

Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting? – BBC.com

Yes, I still sit throughout the day, usually in meetings or when I am meeting with people, but now, those are the smaller, more isolated events during the day.  I’m not lethargic in meetings all the time.  I have the energy to play with my kids when I get home at night.  I feel like a better person after it is all said and done.  All of this has been because of one simple change in my day-to-day life that sounds (and looks) silly.  Try it out…you might just find yourself standing up more often.


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