Building for the Future

One of the hardest things in a leadership position is figuring out how you want to build and structure your team. It makes sense then that your hiring process is an important part of this. Identifying talent inside of an organization is hard enough on it’s own, but trying to evaluate a complete stranger from nothing but a resume and a conversation is difficult at best, and usually far tougher than that. So, given that this is such a difficult process, what is the best way to find and identify those people that will move your organization forward?

If you’re me, you start the process by asking about their Tetris experience. I’ve been asking this question for years, and while I have often taken flak (the good-natured kind!), it has thus far proven to be a very effective barometer of a candidate’s critical thinking ability, as well as their ability to quickly problem-solve. From my perspective, these are the most important qualities a person can bring to the table, and are absolutely crucial if you want to build a nimble and agile team that is capable of functioning at a high level.

Another key characteristic that I look for, is their ability to fit in culturally. When I interview someone in person, I am most concerned with how well they connect with me, as well as the rest of the team. For us at HomeAdvisor, a candidates ability to fit in culturally is just as important as their technical abilities, and in some cases, even more important. We are in the midst of transitioning from a startup-type of environment to one where there are multiple delivery teams, and we need to have people that are capable of taking the QA direction and focus and integrate it within their teams.

Finally, the last key thing that I look for in a candidate is their passion and enthusiasm for QA. I want people on my team that are genuinely excited to deliver quality software. I want people that are engaged in the local meetups and communities in the area, and want to broaden their skill set. I want people that want a career in QA, not just a job.


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