Testing vs QA

I wrote the article on Medium a while back, and forgot to link it here.

Turns out, it’s getting some traffic today…thought I should go ahead and get it posted. Be sure to check out the comments, as there is a good discussion happening there too.

Testing vs QA


One thought on “Testing vs QA

  1. Sorry for splitting the discussion, but I don’t like the Medium’s commenting system (or the fact that it forces me to register).
    In short, I agree with what John Andrews says there – Being a tester is more than just dealing with test cases. If your environment think otherwise – educate them. I don’t need a fancy title just to assert that i’m valuable and hard to replace.

    Also, by pushing testers to the definition of “QA”, you are doing more harm than good.
    For instance, if there is “Quality Assurance”, then there is someone who’s responsible on the quality, instead of the whole team.
    Another thing is that you create confusion. There is such a role named “QA”, especially in medical firms, and it has very little to do with testing and much more to do with tracking forms and procedures. Getting those mixed up is nasty.

    Finally, I’m a tester. not “just a tester”.

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